I'm seriously so happy you're here. My name is Nicole, and here you will find my kitchen adventures. Everything I know I learned from my mother and grandmother, and I've been baking since I was eight years old. Since living on my own (with my own kitchen and my own fridge...thank goodness!), I've come to realize that cooking isn't so hard, dinners don't have to be so daunting, and every recipe has a story.

When naming this blog, I enlisted the help of my writer-savvy boyfriend (who is seriously incredible with words). I don't know how many times I heard "save me some batter!" or "leave a beater for me!" from my mother growing up. He reminded me that the Batter in the Bowl is truly the best part of baking, and I want to share that with you.

As a 24-year-old living in a small one bedroom apartment in Dallas, Texas, I don't have access to the best kitchen or the highest quality equipment -- and that's okay. I firmly believe that you don't have to have the best tools to make incredible food. Trust me, I lived the first few months here with only four forks.

Baking has been my truest passion since I was little. I received my Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design at Texas Tech University, but called my parents many times freshman year begging them to let me drop out and go to pastry school (though I'm pretty sure that was a mixture of home sickness and being sans kitchen for the first time ever #dormlife).

Before we become best friends, we should probably get to know each other a little better. I am way too sassy and sarcastic for my own good, and I have an incredibly supportive boyfriend who embraces it. I live for a good cappuccino (former barista here!), and I can't seem to wear anything other than neutrals. I love to write poetry, but I'm terrible with comma placement. I don't do yoga, but instead I zen out just by being in the kitchen.

Thanks for coming along with me to experience some of the best parts of life. Come say hi to me on Twitter, my home away from home, or check out recent snaps on Instagram. See you soon!